With Bruce Telephone high speed internet service you will have unlimited monthly access to all the internet has to offer.  Whether you just use email and do a little surfing or are running multiple devices and streaming/gaming we have an internet speed to meet your needs. We do have copper connections, but now also have fiber optics in many areas of our plant! 

Internet on Laptop

Packages Available

Our internet service is available in a variety of packages to best suite your needs:

Internet available alone

Internet available with basic phone service

Internet available with phone and Digital TV service

Internet available with Digital TV service


*Digital TV and internet speed availability determined by location

Technical Support

Having trouble accessing your internet connection or downloading emails? We have local tech support available 24/7 with a local phone call.  During business hours you can call our office at 715-868-5111.  Outside of business hours you can call 715-868-HELP(4357).

Guidelines for installation of wiring in home

Are you building a new home and wondering what wire to install for telephone, internet, and TV service?  We have an installation recommendation guideline about the type of wire, number of wires, jacks, etc. to run in your new home. Please call us anytime if you have questions.  Click here for a printable copy of our recommendations:

Spam email guide

Spam and Virus Cheat Sheet