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About Us

Telephone service in the Bruce, WI area began at the turn of the century with the settlers and was organized as a cooperative.  After World War I it was purchased by Wisconsin Telephone Company.  They rebuilt all of the existing lines in the area and added more.  At that time they had between 2 and 4 switchboard operators.  In November, 1940, the business was purchased by David J. Manosky Sr. and became Bruce Telephone Company, Inc.  It originally began with just 72 subscribers.  Over the years, 8 and 4 party lines came and went and in 1982 Bruce Telephone Company, Inc. went one party throughout the exchange.  By 1984 under the management of David J Manosky Jr. the plant was now servicing 1250 subscribers.  Present day, under the management of his son John D Manosky, Bruce Telephone Company, Inc. is servicing subscribers with not only telephone, but internet and Digital TV services as well.  Lines have changed from iron wire to aerial and buried twisted pair and now to fiber optic cable.  Bruce Telephone Company, Inc. is proud to have been your locally owned and operated service provider for over 80 years and look forward to many more!


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Local Service

We thrive on providing the most reliable and advanced products and services as well as the best customer care possible.  Our knowledgeable staff are also members of your community and take pride in serving you.  Being located right in town, we are always ready and willing to answer any questions you might have by phone, online, or in person.   If a service call is needed, many times we can even be at your house the same day!


Service Area

We don't just provide service to the Village of Bruce!  Whether you are South of Bruce near Island Lake and Pulaski Lake, or North to Imalone and into the Blue Hills, Bruce Telephone Company has you covered for all your technology needs.  

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